(Script Competition Entry) ***TO BE FILMED AUGUST***


A Short Film

EXT.DAY. A park and a bench in some recent time, somewhere forgotten. We see a young HILDA in her 20’s, talking to her husband JIM, also in his 20’s.They are both clearly courting on the bench. Sounds of distant voices also somewhere and HILDA is sometimes distracted by them.


Jim……Jim……Jim…..Jim! Continue reading


(Script Competition Entry)



On screen : Two weeks previous. Monday

MAX (27) dressed in slacks and shirt, is in his office with two women, his personal secretary JANE, (24) short skirt and low cut top and her assistant KAREN, (19) large lady in very tight trousers and buttons which almost burst off her shirt. Continue reading

Take The Air

(Script Competition Entry)


Lots of tourists walk about between the Liver Buildings and
the river taking photos, but the huge space looks bare. A
bedraggled man, HENRY is shambling across the square and
asks people for change. He calls to a suited man, ALEX early
30’s smartly dressed. Carries a briefcase. Walks
quickly, eyes and mind elsewhere. Continue reading

Not Built in a Day

We all know that Rome wasn’t built in a day, however,here at Scribblepool we have a secret weapon, MethodDan!

And he has built Scribblepool in a day. A million thanks Dan

What a fabulous start we are off to thanks in the main to Dan. We now have a permanent framework upon which we can build and explore the magical realms of writing in all of its glory. We will be adding Categories on the way and initially we have;

Poetry              –  Poetry of any form

Flash                 –  Short fiction of around 2,000 words

Challenges      –  We will be issuing Challenges on the forums , entries to be posted here

Happy Scribbling