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Hi everyone. The site has been lacking in activity but I want to ensure that everyone’s  hard work to date is built on with a a renewed vision. A big thanks to Rosie and Jen for their work on the site, with Nano and Script Frenzy and to Dan as Webmaster.

Life’s ups and downs have taken my time and energies but I am ready to move on and continue what we started.

Over the next few months we look forward to publishing work by anyone wanting to share in our renewed vision and provide a platform to share creative ideas and viewpoints. To become involved anew please make contact.

Comment here or to at gmail dot com .

on the shore of the river

on the shore of the  river
and the cool, clear, waters
tumbled down
cascading in hues
of blues and greens.
visions of yesters colliding
with stalwart rocks of truth.
burrowing ceaselessly, gently
at the loam of life.

mighty forces are gathered,
pitched and tossed,
whirling dervish like.
winds howling, spray dancing
across virgin land.
quenching the earth,
flora and fauna blossoming
amidst the skirmish.

on and on relentless in their quest,
they push and pull,
striving to reach their goal.
some falling by the way,
seeking their holy ground.
desperately searching,
forging ever onward,
looking to be found.

and finally, the turgid waters cease,
as they reach their zenith,
the nadir of their being,
gently strolling through
valley and meadows,
whispering softly to the trees.
animals greet them warmly
as they plod,
on the shore of the river.

That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore

Hannah seemed to be on a roll. Yet another girl’s night out and she was flying high. Ever since her ridiculous split with Jack just a month before, she had made it her goal in life to make the most of every second of every day. There wasn’t a bar or a club that she hadn’t tried in her mission to get over that jerk. The Blue Angel, Los Cabanos, Heebie Jeebies,etc etc. She had also dined in practically every restaurant in the city that was anything above a MacDonalds, which is a lot of places. Whilst she had been with Jack he had been the best thing since Apple Macs, but what the hey, that’s the way the rolos melt .

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Take The Air

(Script Competition Entry)


Lots of tourists walk about between the Liver Buildings and
the river taking photos, but the huge space looks bare. A
bedraggled man, HENRY is shambling across the square and
asks people for change. He calls to a suited man, ALEX early
30’s smartly dressed. Carries a briefcase. Walks
quickly, eyes and mind elsewhere. Continue reading

The Cabinet Makers Chapter 2

The second chapter of my NanoWrimo novel from November 2008

The Cabinet Makers

Chapter 2
“What the hell’s this drivel Calthorpe?” Ransome barked sternly. “Obviously you haven’t read the brief; it’s just a fucking waste of time having you turn out this dog’s dinner garbage!”

Ransome was not a man given to tolerance. He had now been appointed Director of Operations (Southern Hemisphere Section 9) and he was able to give full vent to his dark personality and the sting of his acerbic tongue, which made life hell for every maker in his section.

“Maybe you’ve forgotten Calthorpe, but we do have a clear brief on this issue and the deadlines are fast approaching. I suggest you stop fucking about and start producing some viable work. Work which is more fitting to the brief we have and less dreams of a wood nymph and visions of angels.” Continue reading

The Cabinet Makers Chapter 1

An excerpt from my NanoWrimo novel November 2008. It’s edit time in May with publication due 1st June.

The Cabinet Makers by Robbe Law

Chapter 1
William Ezra Eagles was a frugal man of some 39 years, with a shock of black hair and a fashionably trimmed goatee beard which was now showing touches of grey. He was happily beavering away at his father’s legal offices in the heart of Buckinghamshire and he could scarcely imagine the twists and turns that his life was about to take.

As a solicitor’s managing clerk, at the establishment of Ezra Eagles & Sons, Dunstable Street, Ampthill, Ezra played an important role within the family business. Amongst his duties were Office administrator and accountant, business manager, maintenance of the professional diary, checking court lists for cases, and negotiating fees. All in all it was a very responsible position, despite the fact that his father may have had visions of seeing his youngest son being called to the Bar. Continue reading