Normal Scribblepool service is currently on hold, as November is National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo). If you don’t know what that means, head over to the nano website for more information. The Wirral Weirdos, Liverpool Loons and Cheshire Crackpots are at war- Word Count War. Check in to see the vital statistics for each team… and more importantly, who’s winning!

Half Way There!

Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you… the half way results!

If you look carefully though, you’ll see none of the regions are on target as of yet, so if you’re still struggling uphill to that 25k mark, keep going!! It’ll be worth it… you can do it!!
The amazing ‘Oh, Nano’ courtesy of @MethodDan… lyrics to further verses required…

Day One- Results Now IN!!!

Day one started bang on the dot of midnight, with a late night write-in at the Everyman. Twenty-four hours later, the group had collectively written 90,745 words. Of the 60 members of the Liverpool Home Region, 52 have posted at some point on the forums (an amazing stat in itself… what a friendly lot we are!) and of those, only 17 had not posted a word count by midnight. I say by midnight, I had to draw a line somewhere, but I know at least three of those seventeen have written today, and their totals may well have been updated by now.

The scores on the doors have been calculated using an average of only those people who have posted a score- anyone still registering a zero wasn’t included. The breakdown of that is as follows… in Liverpool 15 out of 22 posted, Wirral 12 out of 16 posted, Cheshire 4 out of 6 posted, and the undeclared, 3 out of 7 posted. In short, we’ve all done bloomin’ well!

That said, I know this is a COMPETITION! So I’ll stop waffling and cut to the chase. The first day champions of the Word Count are…. the Liverpool Loons! They achieved an average of 3150 words per wrimo. Special mention to BookishBecky who racked up an astonishing first day total of 10,009 words.

Battling it out for second and third place, the Wirral Weirdos just pipped the Cheshire Crackpots to the post, scoring 2385 words against 2355. Thirty words in it! Again, special mention to TenYo who, inspite of being out with us reprobates until ridiculous o’clock last night, still managed to produce 6602 words.
So, well done the Loons. I won’t be going in to this much detail EVERY night, but I will try to think up some special treats as the month wears on. If anyone wants to know more details of the results, just give me a shout. x

One thought on “NaNoWriMo

  1. Bigup to The Loons for being in the lead so far BUT The Weirdos and Crackpots are nibbling your heels in a rapacious fashion and I can see the blood dripping to the stony ground.

    BEWARE WE ARE AFTER YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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