That Joke Isn’t Funny Anymore

Hannah seemed to be on a roll. Yet another girl’s night out and she was flying high. Ever since her ridiculous split with Jack just a month before, she had made it her goal in life to make the most of every second of every day. There wasn’t a bar or a club that she hadn’t tried in her mission to get over that jerk. The Blue Angel, Los Cabanos, Heebie Jeebies,etc etc. She had also dined in practically every restaurant in the city that was anything above a MacDonalds, which is a lot of places. Whilst she had been with Jack he had been the best thing since Apple Macs, but what the hey, that’s the way the rolos melt .

Right now she was in the middle of the dance floor at Kuban Krisis and she was shakin her booty with a total abandon that only comes via cheap drinks. Along with her friends she had consumed several jugs of Strawberry Daiquiris, two Wallbangers and had a Quick one Between the Sheets for good measure. The usual crowd of leches were milling round the edges eying up all the talent and making inane comments. Normally Hannah would treat them to a look of ice and simply blow them off making them shrivel up into some dark corner. Apparently though, there was something different about tonight. As she looked over at the rabble the smile went from her face, she stopped dancing, turned towards the leering idiots who had made lewd comments about her ice-maiden looks and marched over to give them an earful.

Her friends saw what was going down but they carried on dancing as she walked away. They were all a bit pissed and they were laughing, partly because of the booze, partly because of the look on Hannah’s face.  The guys were fidgeting and laughing nervously as if they didn’t know where to put themselves and they tried to avoid Hannah’s ice-cold gaze, even though, as one of them said with a dirty lecherous laugh,

“Haha , what’s the worst she can do? … eh I ask you, after all she is only a woman?”

Others piped up feeling the strength of the mob’

“I wonder why she’s left the dance floor and is comin’ this way?”

Fuelled by the cheap booze one ‘wit’ gyrated his skinny hips and wobbling beer belly,

“Maybe she’s after some of this …. wahay ..”

Hannah stopped dead in front of the now jeering rabble casting an eye over the sad detritus and took in the sad comments.

“Never mind why she left the dance floor, what the hell is she doin outa the kitchen?

There was an uproarious hoot of laughter.

“Hey darling, get your coat, looks like you’ve pulled!”

Hannah began walking again and strode straight through the middle of the bunch enduring all the cat calls as she wiggled her hips provocatively. She didn’t stop till she had got clear of the rabble but then she halted suddenly in front of a tall dark guy leaning against a rail.

“Hello Jack. I’ve really missed you. I don’t want to do this any more.”

Jack looked her over slowly and longingly. Then he took her in his arms and kissed her passionately.

“I’ve been  following you everywhere for the last few weeks , I can’t get you out of my head.”, said Jack with a slight grimace.

“I know”, said Hannah coyly. “I’ve seen you everywhere.”

Jack chuckled and turned to the now quiet rabble,

“Oh by the way guys, that joke isn’t funny any more. This lady is officially not on the pull, hopefully for the rest of her future.”

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