(Script Competition Entry) ***TO BE FILMED AUGUST***


A Short Film

EXT.DAY. A park and a bench in some recent time, somewhere forgotten. We see a young HILDA in her 20’s, talking to her husband JIM, also in his 20’s.They are both clearly courting on the bench. Sounds of distant voices also somewhere and HILDA is sometimes distracted by them.


Jim……Jim……Jim…..Jim! Continue reading


(Script Competition Entry)



On screen : Two weeks previous. Monday

MAX (27) dressed in slacks and shirt, is in his office with two women, his personal secretary JANE, (24) short skirt and low cut top and her assistant KAREN, (19) large lady in very tight trousers and buttons which almost burst off her shirt. Continue reading

Script formatting

Here are some basic things which a lot of people follow. These are from different sources over the internet, and from some of the best ones.




It is extremely important that your screenplay follows all the professional rules of script formatting and presentation.

If you ignore these �rules� it clearly indicates that you are a novice, and will often mean your scripts are ignored. The last thing you want!

Below are some common mistakes that first time writers make and you should try to avoid. Continue reading

The Secret King Series: Pilot Episode

This script has been registered with the Writers’ Copyright
Association (www.wcauk.com) Registration number – C102846

As a deadly virus threatens the survival of humans as well as an alien species known as the Aonise, a King must rise to save them all.


Taliri’s life on Earth is difficult. For years his race, the Aonise has lived amongst the Humans as rival clans. When a virus designed to destroy the Aonise race begins killing humans as well, Taliri is faced with a difficult challenge. He must unite his people in order to save both races. To do so, Taliri must reveal his true self. He can no longer be The Secret King. Continue reading

Lost Innocence


Cathy looks down at the salad she prepares. Two lettuce leaves, half a tomato and two slices of cucumber, one scoop of cooked rice
The food is methodically prepared; she cuts a carrot half into two slices and begins to talk
Do you remember the day that we became friends? Do you? I remember it very clearly, that day in the school yard with Jo, Anna and Mel. Continue reading


Sometimes all I want to do is write, to let my pain hit paper.

Sometimes all I want to do is cry, and let my tears flood over.

There’s so much hurt and fear inside, jut once I wish I could live, as I have tried.

No more pain,

No more fear, and no more lonely words. Continue reading