on the shore of the river

on the shore of theĀ  river
and the cool, clear, waters
tumbled down
cascading in hues
of blues and greens.
visions of yesters colliding
with stalwart rocks of truth.
burrowing ceaselessly, gently
at the loam of life.

mighty forces are gathered,
pitched and tossed,
whirling dervish like.
winds howling, spray dancing
across virgin land.
quenching the earth,
flora and fauna blossoming
amidst the skirmish.

on and on relentless in their quest,
they push and pull,
striving to reach their goal.
some falling by the way,
seeking their holy ground.
desperately searching,
forging ever onward,
looking to be found.

and finally, the turgid waters cease,
as they reach their zenith,
the nadir of their being,
gently strolling through
valley and meadows,
whispering softly to the trees.
animals greet them warmly
as they plod,
on the shore of the river.

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