ScribblePool – Renewed Vision

Hi everyone. The site has been lacking in activity but I want to ensure that everyone’s  hard work to date is built on with a a renewed vision. A big thanks to Rosie and Jen for their work on the site, with Nano and Script Frenzy and to Dan as Webmaster.

Life’s ups and downs have taken my time and energies but I am ready to move on and continue what we started.

Over the next few months we look forward to publishing work by anyone wanting to share in our renewed vision and provide a platform to share creative ideas and viewpoints. To become involved anew please make contact.

Comment here or to at gmail dot com .

Welcome to our writing!


Please feel free to browse through the contributions below. Some of the longer ones have been split… To read the whole piece just click on the title above the writing. If you are interested in a specific genre, use the ‘category’ labels on the right. Comments always welcome!

Hello world!

Hello everyone, welcome to our new Scribblepool blog. I’ve got the basics of the site working pretty well now with forums and Google Apps, that means we get funky gmail, shared calendars and google docs. Wooh :) I’m really just looking to provide a space for you to do what you want in though. I don’t consider myself the boss of the website or anything else. Please chip in and change things. Make it what you want and if you need support I’m here for techy questions.

Enjoy it! Break it! Fix it again! That’s what it’s all about