“How did I get into this mess?”

I banged a fist on the steering wheel, perhaps in some vain hope that an answer would jump out at me, but apart from a slight tinge of fear that I might set off the airbag, no thoughts came to mind. I had been having a quiet drink in the Bull, relaxing by the fireside after a stressful day in the office and now …. where the hell was I? Well I was driving down a dark country lane in the pouring rain and heading for trouble without a doubt. Continue reading

Not Built in a Day

We all know that Rome wasn’t built in a day, however,here at Scribblepool we have a secret weapon, MethodDan!

And he has built Scribblepool in a day. A million thanks Dan

What a fabulous start we are off to thanks in the main to Dan. We now have a permanent framework upon which we can build and explore the magical realms of writing in all of its glory. We will be adding Categories on the way and initially we have;

Poetry              –  Poetry of any form

Flash                 –  Short fiction of around 2,000 words

Challenges      –  We will be issuing Challenges on the forums , entries to be posted here

Happy Scribbling