on the shore of the river

on the shore of the  river
and the cool, clear, waters
tumbled down
cascading in hues
of blues and greens.
visions of yesters colliding
with stalwart rocks of truth.
burrowing ceaselessly, gently
at the loam of life.

mighty forces are gathered,
pitched and tossed,
whirling dervish like.
winds howling, spray dancing
across virgin land.
quenching the earth,
flora and fauna blossoming
amidst the skirmish.

on and on relentless in their quest,
they push and pull,
striving to reach their goal.
some falling by the way,
seeking their holy ground.
desperately searching,
forging ever onward,
looking to be found.

and finally, the turgid waters cease,
as they reach their zenith,
the nadir of their being,
gently strolling through
valley and meadows,
whispering softly to the trees.
animals greet them warmly
as they plod,
on the shore of the river.


Sometimes all I want to do is write, to let my pain hit paper.

Sometimes all I want to do is cry, and let my tears flood over.

There’s so much hurt and fear inside, jut once I wish I could live, as I have tried.

No more pain,

No more fear, and no more lonely words. Continue reading

Starting at the End…

As a farewell to the month of April and the horror it contained (!) here’s the tribute to our beloved ML….

For Anna, with apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan…

Now once upon a time there was a nano group who met near here,
They liked to laugh and chat and didn’t get much writing done, I fear.
They set each other challenges like mills and boon- I know- oh dear,
Though Nathan was so good they thought he’d found himself a new career!

When screnzy time approached they coerced Anna, said they wanted her
To form a group for Liverpool to make sure meet ups would occur,
She’s had to crack her whip sometimes to make sure that they’re playing fair,
A good job she accepted else they’d have to have joined Manchester!

Dr Nathan’s script is full of problems mathematical,
He nearly started over but he wasn’t being practical,
Instead he went for shorter scripts- I reckon that was tactical,
When filming he’ll have many more locations geographical! Continue reading