The Gift

The Gift

Something came rumbling down the chimney
There was a hell of a din from the flue
The night was already on fire
We just didn’t know what to do.

The soot went all over the carpet
There was an awful mess on the wall
As everyone gathered and gazed
We all stood aghast at the fall.

The reindeer came down first
Followed by elves and a sack
And then the strangest thing came clump
A Santa Claus bounced down in a Mac.

We all jumped back in horror
As the bearded man shrugged off the muck
And then he smiled at us all so nicely
And he laughed so loud we all shook.

He undid the belt on his raincoat
The girls sucked in with an oooooo
The guys, they all moved forward
And the elves didn’t know what to do.

He ripped his vestment assunder
All eyes closed from the view
And he took out his huge appendage
And shouted Merry Christmas to you.

We really shouldnt have worried
Although he exposed his Christmas balls
He had brought gifts for everyone
Good old Santa Claus

Creative Commons License
This work by Robbe Law is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.

5 thoughts on “The Gift

  1. Oh Robbe,

    From the very first line I loved this poem. And it got better. It’s fantastic.

    But I thought it was going to be a childrens poem and then it wasn’t. And I have mixed feelings about that.


  2. That should definitly be one for the christmas cards.

    I think it is so funny I read it out to Paul and he laughed his head off.

    Well done, this is great.


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