Starting at the End…

As a farewell to the month of April and the horror it contained (!) here’s the tribute to our beloved ML….

For Anna, with apologies to Gilbert and Sullivan…

Now once upon a time there was a nano group who met near here,
They liked to laugh and chat and didn’t get much writing done, I fear.
They set each other challenges like mills and boon- I know- oh dear,
Though Nathan was so good they thought he’d found himself a new career!

When screnzy time approached they coerced Anna, said they wanted her
To form a group for Liverpool to make sure meet ups would occur,
She’s had to crack her whip sometimes to make sure that they’re playing fair,
A good job she accepted else they’d have to have joined Manchester!

Dr Nathan’s script is full of problems mathematical,
He nearly started over but he wasn’t being practical,
Instead he went for shorter scripts- I reckon that was tactical,
When filming he’ll have many more locations geographical!

Now Rosie would be writing, just that this month she’s been ill a lot,
She’s out of breath and stuck in bed- she told me why, but I forgot…
Flat on her back all month, but why? Oh! I recall, it’s name was… asthma
But seriously I hope she’s better soon or else we’ll have her shot. Not.

And Cyran started slowly cos she didn’t have the internet,
At first she did a sci fi film, but went as far as she could get,
With half an hour to go she started writing like a speeding jet,
Though “Rocky and the Zombies” is a romance that I won’t forget…

And Rob’s another writer who prefers to leave it very late,
I’m not sure what he’s up to, but I don’t think he’d procrastinate,
It’s merely that he likes to tease us, thinks it’s best to make us wait,
Then one day he’ll announce his film’s the latest oscar nominate!

Then gradually the numbers grew as others started joining in,
the Everyman was chosen as the venue for it to begin,
With Method Dan- computer whiz, pod-caster and musi-ci-an,
And Paul they thought was nice ’til he confessed supporting… shhhh

Then Ed has brought his acting skills to make us all perform our plays,
And Patrick thought the music was so loud he shouted hey dj!
Then Dawn who finished far too fast- I think she wrote it in a day!
And Matt who wished the write ins could be ‘please held on the ra-il way?’

Now who’ve I missed-  I’m sure that there was someone else? who could it be?
I’m joking, see it’s Jensen! who’s wooed our ml romantically
He’s given us bird’s names so he’ll preserve our anonymity,
Good job it’s swine not bird flu else it’s curtains for the aviary…

So finally the day has come, the credits roll, the lights grow dim,
And centre stage she stands to take the credit- let applause begin,
And raise a glass and give three cheers, and offer up our thanks again
To Anna, who’s the model of municipal liais-ion!

6 thoughts on “Starting at the End…

  1. I have a complaint about this poem and I’m rather embarassed that I’ve only just noticed it, where’s the verse about you Sarah.

    Consider it homework 😀

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