Sea of Life

Sea of Life

In the shining light of ecstasy with your soul laid bare to see
You’ll raise your hands to touch the sun
And know there will be me

Tossed, Tussled, Squeezed and Teased, she catches the fiery spume
Of kiss and bite and touch and tell
Of jiving with the moon

Ride Roll Slap Stroll beneath the waves of cotton silky shade
Her whispers fall upon my ears
And she topples as she’s bade

Her tresses dark and fragrant her nape exposed not free
She kneels before her Master
Sheathed in cloaks of necessity

And as her life expires and she finds her raison d’etre
On a golden thread of trust
She rises with a sceptre

Of sober calm considered thought abandonment and pride
Devotion Love Humility
For the one who is her guide

For on the birth of all that is when she is calmed and ready
My love will encompass her
The rock to keep her steady

My eyes shine with the Knowledge of her as I bind her sure and firm
And take her, heart and soul for me
To a place that’s ours and sets us free

In sure sweet surrender in the space where she is drowned
Her sweet breaths of acquiescence rise to my soul
And the silvered clouds rain down

Feeding me, Binding Her, Taking, Aware; nurturing a life without and with care
We glide on the crest of love, and lust, growth, and truth
The ultimate sea of life that we share

In the Darkest Glow of misery, tormented soul on view
I’ll lift you gently with my hands
And breathe my Love on You …

The better for her to learn, Peace Calm and Love
The fire builds and kindles a Pure, White, Dove
And fans the sparks in kio as She climbs the golden stairs
As peaceful as can Be when one simply dares

Creative Commons License
This work by Robbe Law is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Non-Commercial-No Derivative Works 2.0 UK: England & Wales License.

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